25 Game of Thrones Fun Facts & Trivia

It could easily be argued that Game of Thrones is one of the most successful fantasy shows of all time. And with millions of viewers from around the world tuning in every week, it’d be surprising if you haven’t heard of the show. Whether you’re brushing up on your GoT knowledge to impress your friends or just want to see what the show’s all about, here’s some Game of Thrones trivia and fun facts for your enjoyment:


  1. The actor who plays Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) got a letter from creator George R.R. Martin after the premiere of the show that said “Congrats, everyone hates you!”
  2. This is the first ever series to be plated in IMAX theaters.
  3. Targaryen of the Night’s Watch is blind in the novels. In the show, the character is played by Peter Vaughan, who happens to be legally blind in real life.
  4. Throughout the five years it’s been on air, there hasn’t been a single character to appear in every episode.
  5. The actor who portrays The Mountain has recently beat a 1000 year old record in real life. The Icelandic weight-lifting record he broke dates back to the time of the Vikings.
  6. In 2012, over 150 new born baby girls were named “Khaleesi” in the U.S., but that’s actually not the character’s name (it’s a title).
  7. In the show, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is loathed by his sister (Lena Headey). In real life, they live together while the seasons are being filmed and are actually very close friends.
  8. Martin (the creator) has admitted that Jack’s character Joffrey is actually modeled after real-life Roman Emperor Caligula.
  9. The actor who plays 13-year-old Jojen in the show was actually 22 at the time of casting.

10. Emilia Clarke is a natural brunette and has said on multiple occasions that she doesn’t dye her hair for the show. Her blonde locks are actually accomplished with an impressive wig and makeup system (which she says takes a lot of time to do).

11. Emilia Clarke’s character in the books had purple eyes, but it was discovered that the contact lenses that she would need to give this effect negatively affected her performance, so it was changed.

12. In an almost unheard of announcement, HBO announced that the show was renewed for both a fifth and sixth season shortly after the fourth season began.

13. This TV show holds the record for the largest cast (counting the many new stars and leads who come on each season).

14. Even though the show mostly stays true to the events and characters in the books, there have been a couple of cases where a single character takes the place of multiple parts of less significance.

15. Shot in Northern Ireland, many tourists and locals take the opportunity to go on a tour of the show’s filming locations.

16. The name Westeros is actually derived from a real city: Västerås, Sweden.

17. Throughout the show’s history, many actors have apparently been offered roles and/or dropped their brief parts in the show due to other obligations. It’s reported that many of these actors, like Tom Hollander, regret their decisions and say they want another chance.


18. While it’s clear Game of Thrones really isn’t like any other, another essential difference is that the ninth episode in the season always sees the most action, unlike other shows where it’s typically the finale. In Game of Thrones, the finale always deals with the happenings after the battle.

19. Sean Bean revealed recently that he played football with his replica head after his death scene was filmed.

20. The show is well-known for killing off fan favorites and lead stars. While many fans have expressed their dismay, so have actors, with many joking that they never know “who’s next” until they read the scripts.

21. Along the lines of number twenty, every season meets the death of at least one king (or claimant).

22. Throughout the fourth season, the song “The Rains of Castmere” – which is the ominous song for the Lannisters – was played to foreshadow Tywin and Joffrey’s deaths.

23. Martin’s original choice for the theme song of the series was actually “The Rains of Castmere,” but his co-producer Weiss convinced him otherwise.

24. While not saying much, Martin has revealed that some fan fiction has correctly guessed the planned ending for the series (which still leaves a multitude of possibilities).

25. It seems everyone is a fan of the show, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. In 2014, they visited the sets in Northern Ireland and were greeted by the crew and cast. They were given a miniature version of the Iron Throne.

With the Queen even being a fan, who could doubt that Game of Thrones is one of the most successful shows on television? And as long as Martin keeps pumping out the great novels and seasons, fans are sure to stay on board for years to come. When you sign up for HBO with your Dish Network Package Deals you can keep up with all the excitement.



Things You Didn’t Know About Fresh Off The Boat!


Fresh offtheboat

Fresh off the Boat is a comedy series based off a memoir by Eddie Huang. The book was adapted into a television series, and is the first American television show to star an Asian-American family as the main focus of the show since All American Girl, a television series by Margaret Cho that aired in 1994. The show’s comedic delivery has been compared to Everybody Hates Chris.

The show follows the story of Eddie Huang and his family as they make their way from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Florida. They want to open a steak restaurant during the late 1990s, with the show taking place sometime 1995 and 1997. Focusing on how the characters interact with the new surroundings and sharp change in culture, Fresh off the Boat demonstrates the struggles immigrating families must endure when coming into a new country.

The show has received very positive reviews since its initial release. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show received an 88% approval rating. The consensus was that, “once the clichéd gags of Fresh off the Boat are superseded by a grounded truthfulness, the series evolves into a humorously charming family sitcom.” On Metacritic, the show received generally favorable reviews, with an overall score of 75 out of 100.


Following in line with shows like Black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat  offers a different perspective on modern television. Despite making up nearly 6% of America’s overall population, Asian Americans aren’t represented nearly enough in modern day television, lucky to make even a minor cameo appearance. However, with the coming of Fresh off the Boat, and surely other shows to follow, that discrepancy between reality and fantasy is being bridged.

By depicting families as they have to deal with racial struggles, Fresh off the Boat and shows like it are working to represent all of the racial and ethnic diversity present in America, and to normalize what’s being viewed on television, so that it more accurately reflects reality. When the entire population of America is made up of nearly 40% of minorities, it’s simply unacceptable to continuously push minorities to the back. It doesn’t represent reality, and it doesn’t represent the American people watching these shows.

Shilpa Davé, assistant professor in media studies and American studies at the University of Virginia said, “Instead of the one Asian character, for example, being the sidekick or token character, we have the opportunity to see different types of characters that are diverse in gender, age, occupation and region. In other words, the Asian-American character is not only the doctor but can also be the cop or the head of a company or a model.”

This has an important message for society. By challenging preconceptions of race and ethnicity, and bringing light to the harmful effects blatant stereotypes have on both people and society, shows like Fresh off the Boat are creating a variety of role models in different fields and areas of expertise for audience to look up to and aspire to be like.


With its sharp, quirky comedy and its fresh take on depicting what it means to be American, Fresh off the Boat is both amazingly funny, and heartwarming. New episodes of Fresh off the Boat continue on March 24 on ABC at 8 pm. Click here to find other television and web entertainment opportunities.

Everything You Need to Know About K-9’s “Jerry Lee”















K-9 was modestly successful buddy cop film with a unique twist: one half of its “buddy cop” partnership was actually a dog! The film, which starred James Belushi, inspired two sequels and even received modest praise from critics during its initial release. The dog in the film, called Jerry Lee, was especially praised for its performance on screen. The following is everything you need to know about ‘Jerry Lee’ from the film K-9.

The producers auditioned dozens of dogs for the role of Jerry Lee

The producers of the film spent a year looking for dogs to play the co-starring role of Jerry Lee. They auditioned over 40 dogs over the course of that year, but were unable to find any American German Shepherd dogs which suited their needs. The decision was then made to cast Rando, a German shepherd from West Germany.


Rando didn’t speak English

Dogs are naturally trained to understand commands in their native language, which means that the German dog Rando only knew German commands. Karl Lewis Miller trained Rando for several months in order to teach him the commands he would need for the film in English.

Jerry Lee has appeared in all three K-9 films

K-9 has spawned two sequels: K-911, released in 1999 and K-9: P.I., released in 2002. In both films, actor James Belushi reprised his role as Detective Dooley, and the character of Jerry Lee was reprised as his partner. However, due to the inability for Rando to reprise his role, other dogs were cast to play Jerry Lee. In K-911, three dogs (Mac, Sonto and Reno) were hired to play the role and in K-9: P.I., a dog named King was cast in the role.


Rando’s performance as Jerry Lee earned him critical praise

The film itself received mixed reviews, but critics (both those who liked and hated the film) almost universally praised Rando’s performance as Jerry Lee. Rita Kempley of the Washington Post wrote that “… the movie would roll over and play dead without the talented German shepherd. Lassie was classy and Benji beguiling, but Jerry Lee is a four-legged Burt Reynolds, just made for fast cars and chase scenes. … Just turn that camera on Jerry Lee, playing peekaboo from behind those big fuzzy paws, and you’ve got motion picture magic. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even feel like scratching.”




The Three Roles of Nina Dobrev on “The Vampire Diaries”

Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian born actress who is best known for starring in the hit CW show, The Vampire Diaries  Nina, born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva, appeared in several film and television roles before her first episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Her filmography includes roles in the films Away from Her, How She move, the Poet, Fugitive Pieces, and Repo! The Genetic Opera, and Playing House. In 2006, she landed the role of Mia Jones in Degrassi: The Next Generation and remained in the show from 2006 until 2009.

ninaIn 2009, she was cast as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries—and from there, the rest is history. Nina Dobrev has made a name for herself as one of the strongest actors in the series, capable of playing not one, not two, but three different roles. Each role is so distinct that it is easy to forget they are being played by the same actress. It is Nina Dobrev’s wonderful performance that truly makes the show one of the best on the CW and on television.

The three roles that Nina Dobrev has played in the show are Elena Gilbert, a high school student who falls in love with a vampire and finds the her life is never the same; Katerina Petrova, known as Katherine to most characters, a witch who becomes a vampire and haunts the immortal lives of several of the show’s characters; and most recently, Amara, the first immortal woman in the history of the world.

Dobrev is able to show a wide range of skills in her performances as each of these characters. As Elena, Nina is able to showcase her ability to portray an everyday teenage girl next door, but also a young woman who experiences things that would leave most people completely shattered and who


—in recent seasons—

has become what she always feared: a vampire. As Katherine, Dobrev portrays an antagonistic yet charismatic woman who takes no shame in living for herself yet strives to hide her own emotions and remnants of

humanity that can cause her to feel pain and regret. As Amara, Dobrev is able to portray an immortal character with a heartbreaking, overarching love story that causes her—and all her descendants—to be cursed.



Which role is Dobrev’s favorite? In many interviews, it is the wily Katherine—who is “fun to play.” Hop over here to watch the Vampire Diaries and other great programming on Charter Cable TV.

Clifford: From the Page to PBS

Clifford is a dog beloved by children around the world. But how did Clifford the Big Red Dog go from his humble beginnings to one of the most popular shows on the public network PBS? Let’s dive into the history of that big dog everyone loves: Clifford!

Clifford-The-Big-Red-DogClifford began his “life” in a children’s book written by Norman Bridwell. The first Clifford book was published in 1963, and was one of the first successes of the Scholastic Book publishing company. Clifford’s success is so tied to Scholastic, in fact, that he is considered to be their mascot. After the success of the first book, numerous sequels were written, effectively creating a Clifford book series which continues (although not with as much frequency) to today.

In 1988, Scholastic Studios created a special made-for-video series which was released in the late 80s and again in the mid-1990s. The made for video series adapted many of the Clifford books, including the first books and its early sequels. Between 1998 and 2000, around 50 Clifford books were published by Scholastic Books, making it one of the most prolific children’s book series of all time.


In 2000, a new Clifford the Big Red Dog TV series was produced by Scholastic Studios to be aired on PBS Kids. This new series, which lasted from 2000 to 2003, used many of the storylines featured in the books written by Norman Bridwell.

The show was comprised of two 15 minute stories. Typically, one story focused on Clifford’s owner Emily Elizabeth, while the other story focused on Clifford and his dog friends. In this version of Clifford, the dogs only talked when human characters were not present–when they were, they barked like normal dogs.

The show was a major hit for PBS and for the popularity of the series itself. Veteran actor John Ritter voiced Clifford until his death—he died just before the release of Clifford’s Puppy Days, a new show intended to keep


“Clifford” going while aiming at a younger audience. Since Ritter’s death, no new episodes of Clifford the Big Red dog have been produced, partly to preserve his legacy as the

famous character.

Although no new TV episodes have been released, Clifford’s popularity continues to grow because of Clifford’s Puppy Days, new book releases, and the love of children everywhere who can’t get enough of that big, red dog

Boris Karloff’s Thriller

thrillerA good anthology show is worth its weight in gold.  Well, a show doesn’t really weigh anything, so, well… anthology shows are one in a million.  How about that?  At least good ones are.  The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt for example are prime time awesome anthology shows that have become legendary.

Another anthology program that I recently discovered and deserves to be mentioned among the best that have ever aired on TV is called Thriller.  Or more appropriately titled, Boris Karloff’s Thriller   That’s right.  The master of horror, Mr. Frankenstein himself, Boris Karloff was the host of the show and before every spine tingling episode, would introduce the subject matter and the main “players” as he called the actors.  Because of the anthology format, each episode was self contained, yet retained many common themes of crime and horror.

Filmed from 1960 to ’62 and comprising a mere 67 episodes, Thriller straddled the line between horror and pure suspense, each one a memorable Hitchcockian treatise on the human condition.  Plots ranged from a little girl accused of murder to warlocks and golems plotting to capture a business man in order to steal from him.



And another great thing was that not only did Karloff host the show, he starred in some of the very best episodes, five in total.  That’s not enough for me since I am a huge fan of the man but it’s nice to get an extra little taste of the legendary horror icon and he’s still got it here, at times creepy, at other times showing off his old man vulnerability.  It is both touching and sad to watch him work.  He’s obviously getting a kick out of being on the show.  He was proud to be a part of it.Boris-Karloff-thriller-king

Like with most anthology shows, there were multiple guest stars that went on to fantastic careers in television and film including William Shatner, who also starred in anthology show The Twilight Zone, Leslie Nielsen, Rip Torn and John Carridine, among many others.  It was a fantastic show and should be considered required viewing for any horror and suspense fans.

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